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Sustainability from yoga

A movement of material innovation towards sustainability inspired by yoga brands

The whole textile & fashion industries are now seeking change. They are preparing for the big wave called “Sustainability.” In order to achieve the ultimate goal of Climate Neutral, brands are coming together across competitive lines to help each other for our planet.

The yoga industry is trying to lead the movement. Lululemon, Adidas, Stella McCartney & Kering has formed a consortium investing in material innovation that demonstrates their commitment to creating a healthier environment through lower-impact products. Lululemon, in the meantime, works closely with a biotechnology company searching for a solution to recycle carbon emissions.

In terms of the above efforts, we have some material innovation status we can share as follows Mylo™ is the effort of the consortium, which is a sustainable alternative to leather. Made from infinitely renewable ingredients found in nature, Mylo™ is certified 50-85% bio-based. A range of products in Yoga mats, bags & pants will be available starting from 2022.

Carbon waste can be reshaped into fabric too. LanzaTech, a Biotechnology company, captures CO2from the factory emissions & turns it into polyester yarn with help from other companies. The partnership with Lululemon makes the closed-loop ecosystem feasible.

In addition, Nylon is a prevalent material for yoga pants, which is derived from petroleum. Somebrands are replacing the feedstock with plant-based materials to avoid the use of petroleum.

Some are working with the chemical solution company to recycle the used tires & turn the rubbish into recycled Nylon to lower the use of crude.

All of the above changes are happening. Sooner or later, these innovations might rewrite our material status & lead us to a better future.

We, Duraflex, as a sustainable & innovative solution provider & a trim supplier, are dedicated to sharing our knowledge & experience to support our customers for timely action in the fast-changing world. We provide plenty of sustainable solutions for apparel & trims.

Do you want to simplify the material use & build a recyclable, closed-loop ecosystem? We haverecycled Polyester & recycled Nylon in a wide range of applications to support your projects.Are you seeking some plant-based materials so you can get rid of petroleum-based ones? We have plant-based Nylon & TPU developed under the same thought in our product lines.

Do you expect the whole garment to be made with natural content but has to compromise with the trims? Then our PP+f product line is composed of at least 50% natural & recycled ingredients that might fulfill your expectation.

Are you planning to make some efforts toward carbon neutrality? Our c-TPU uses the most state-of-the-art carbon capture technology to turn CO2 into TPU.

So, why don’t you join us now to explore more possibilities & make a sustainable future with us together?