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What is Tactical Gear?

There is preconception that Tactical Gear are Military related.


Considering the origin of Tactical Gear’s origin, we cannot tell it’s wrong. Back in thousand years ago, armor and utility clothing are considered as tactical gear as they serve the purpose of battle.


However, when we talk about tactical gear nowadays, their variety are expanded. The definition of normal clothing and tactical gear is, clothing serves the purpose of self-expression, while tactical gear serve a specific practical purpose.


You don’t have to be a military or law enforcement office to utilize tactical gear, a hunter might also need a tactical gear. However, they do not share the same purpose and function. Like a hunter don’t need their gear for bullet-proof vests, while a law enforcement office does not require extra pocket space for food and water reserves.


The whole tactical gear outfit covers backpacks, pants, boots, watches, Gloves, belts, holsters and vest. Demand of tactical gear keeps rising as more and more people are aware of its’ multi-purpose. The industry is also evolving to match ever-changing needs of it’s customers.


To conclude, tactical gear turns to be a trend which it’s demand is increasing. From the military purpose latest edition equipment to

repurposed equipment for civilian use, the market of the whole tactical gear is expected to further change our lives.