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Neo Mini Cord End assembly kit

Neo Mini Cord End and the assembly kit


Neo Mini Single Cord End and Double Cord End are much smaller than other existing cord ends design, and maybe stronger and cheaper than many of them. So, what is difference between Neo Mini Cord End and other cord end? Let’s look at the 2 types of thorn on the male part.

A pair of horizontal thorns at the bottom is able to hold the cord on at the right place with good alignment with the male part when pulling it into the female part.

Above the horizontal thorns are the axe shaped thorns. Rose thorns can be stabbed at the cord easily but it will be easily bent when pulling the cord vertically as well. The axe shape has strengthened the structure of rose thorn when facing high vertical pulling strength and has made the Mini Cord End tiny and strong.

As it is so small, we have designed an assembly ring with thumb cover for workers. The ring help fixing the male part of the cord end on it and keep the cord at the right place before pulling into the female part. The ring and thumb cover can also protect the workers’ fingers when pressing and fixing the cord on the male part again and again during mass production. There are two sizes of ring in each assembly kit for different index finger size.

More sizes and materials options are coming. To explore more, please go to the product page or search NEO for more detail.