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Sustainability is a hot topic nowadays. However, not all existing trim structures are suitable to apply Eco material and this is how the story begin.

Once upon a time on Earth, waste and pollution were damaging the beautiful environment. Little trims were so worry and have decided to do something about it. They were Trims Averages.

Button, Sliplok and Cord reacted quickly and filled up their body with recycle material. Their transformation helped reducing production waste.

Cord lock, Cord Adjuster and Cord End took action right after them and filled up the body with nature content. Their transformation helped reducing agricultural waste.

Buckle, D ring and Tension lock also found different renewable sources for their masculine bodies. Their transformation helped reducing manufacturing pollution.

After the hard work of the three groups, their power was still not enough. Snap and Eyelet would like to give them a head but their body were not suitable for any of the three groups. They have not found an eco material yet which was able to overcome material deformation during assembly. So, they asked Duraflex for help.

After redesigning their body, Eyelet had transformed into “turn and lock” body and became Eco Eyelet. Snap had also combined with the 4-hole button body and became Eco Sewable Snap. Material deformation during assembly was not needed anymore. They were then free to join the three group.

With the help of Eco Eyelet and Eco Sewable snap, all trims could fully perform the power of Eco material and brought back the beautiful planet. Thanks Trims Averages!