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Three brothers: Magic Lock, Magic Chain and Magic Slider.

The three brothers in Magic family; Magic Lock, Magic Chain and Magic Slider; are famous with their sliding structure. However, they have reflected that people have mixed them up and would like to have an introduction here about it.

Magic Lock

First, Magic Lock is the eldest brother in the family. He was born in the summer of 2018. He didn’t know that there will be brothers and a big family afterwards at that time. He is sewable, invisible and playful. He turned a jacket into a sleeping pillow by locking it up with his sliding lock. You can explore your own application. Let’s see how Jochen, our Senior Regional Account Manager, transformed his day pack for work and leisure in the video above.

Magic Chain

Magic Chain was born in the next Winter. He is sewable, invisible, flexible. He is formed by modular units, and looks like many Magic Locks lining up like a chain. You are able to link them or cut them to your ideal length. Magic Chain has a big dream, he would like to do what a traditional zipper couldn’t do.

Magic Slider

The youngest brother, Magic Slider, was soon born in summer. Magic Slider is more masculine than Magic Lock. He has a stronger and harder sliding structure, but is not sewable like the other two brothers. So, he loves carrying all the heavy stuffs for his brothers by holding the webbing loops.

In 2020, Magic Lock & Magic Slider became fathers. We will introduce their kids in the next article.