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Unsurprisingly, few may know S.J. stands for Shark Jaw (imagine the classic movie JAWS!). When Duraflex was then developing a new line of strong, heavy duty buckle, one of our designers suggested this name. He may be a big fan of JAWS. However, we are pond of S.J. being instead known for its compact and reliable buckles.


In S.J. series, Duraflex continuously provides compact and reliable buckles to some of the high performance-demanding industries such as mountaineering and tactical, etc.


Now, we have 2nd generation of S.J. buckle in S.J. Chromeo, which inherits high strength performance with improved robust design, and evolves to integrate more functions, such as extra lock function for tactical, police an anti-theft usage.


S.J. series is expanding to bring more advance solution in future. Please keep close eye on S.J. series.