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Product vs Sustainability

When we enjoy the convenience and comfort of technology, we create climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and resource depletion. What would we like to leave for our next generation? We should start action right away. We keep in mind the responsibility when we design products for Green material, and we have no reason to give up.


We see the trend also from the outdoor market. Everyone is asking for solutions of green products. Green material is always with different material properties from traditional plastic, which means we should think out of the box. By using totally new and innovative structure, we believe that we can help the industry to meet the green target. We do offer products designed for ECO.


Just an example. Plastic Snap is one of the challenges that we encountered. When we assembly the traditional plastic snap, the plastic snap is fastened on the fabric by punching and deform the plastic connection (plastic leg of Cap). For years, we are using Acetal (POM) because it behaves in excellent strength even after deformation. However, green materials are another story, and the deformation of green material cannot be guaranteed stability and strength. We do design for ECO and we design a new structure that we don't need any deformation of plastic for a snap. Below show you more about our patented snap structure:


We will continue and actively investigate the solution of all trims that the industry cannot find a replacement for green solution. By enabling everyone to think out of the box, we will create a new future together. Don't hesitate to contact us to create new green projects. We welcome every innovation challenges & opportunities, and hope to have you join-in on our journey toward a sustainable future.


Assistant Manager @ DF Brand & Product