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As our environment is facing one and one more serious problems, eco-concerns become more and more important for every single person in the world. Yoga brands and Yogis are aware of issues about sustainabily. Many have started their action to support our environment. They start by changing the surrounding environment with sustainbility in mind, like using LED light bulbs, abandoning disposable plastic cups and reducing paper documents. Some brands donates certain percentage of net profit directly to environmental groups and foundations. Some brands encourage the end customers to recycle the worn-out clothes, backpacks and shoes…etc. 


Duraflex, as a provider of comprehensive fastening and trim solusion, have also started our research from several years ago. We started by rethinking of what our enviroment need most eagerly now, and would contribute to improving the evironment the most accurately.  


Now we are excited to introduce a new & extensive product range which are suitainable and not harming our environment. But there are many options out there. Why our customers should choose the ranges from Duraflex? 


Firstly, we started by keeping high performance and function in mind, not sacrificing them for only sustainable concerns. All of these products are certified by BlueSign and some by GRS. Besides that, we offer the most options in sustainable fasteners and trims. Whether you are looking for recycled materials, natural materials or renewable materials - we have a solusion that fits your needs. We stand behind and support our customers to have perfect sustainable Yoga apparels or accessories 


The first material is recycled Nylon (rPA). It’s a remarkable material because it has high capability to fulfill the popular mono-material concept. When ONE single material is used for all parts on a finished goods, the recycling process is much simpler. The outcomes are therefore much more effective and sustainable. Besides, nylon products without coating or even in raw color would be much more sustainable. We have already readied recycled-nylon trims and fasteners suitable to both apparels and accessories for our Yoga brands. 


Secondly, “PP+f” is a material which is composed of 50% PP and 50% natural content (husk and stem fiber). The nature content is recycled from food chain waste. It features very recognizable natural appearance. The inexpensive cost is also its fascinating edge. Currently, the Grainy product line that is made out of this material is focused on apparel trims, like cordlock, cord end, button and pullers…etc.


In addition, we are also very proud of our renewable materials. Renewable materials are formed by a certain proportion of renewable sources. Here are three materials, plant-based nylon (pl-PA), plant-based TPU (pl-TPU) and emissioned gas based TPU(c-TPU). Plant-based nylon (pl-PA) is made from 30% nylon original moleculars and 70% renewable biosource content; while plant-based TPU (pl-TPU) contains 60% TPU original moleculars and 40% renewable biosource content. 


The last but not least, emissioned gas based TPU(c-TPU) is quite cool too. It’s a new technology to replace part of TPU original moleculars by emisson gas from factories. The proudction processes of above matetials consume less water waste and reduce carbon footprint significantly. We apply these renewable materials to both apparel and accessory fasteners and trims.


Any action to protect the environment from getting worse is valuable. We are really happy to see that more and more brands in Yoga industry commit to sustainbility and pour sustainable elements into products. We are confident that we are on the right way but not satisfied with current progress. In near future, we look forward to continuing our research and bring more sustainable trims & frastening solutions to you.


Industry Leader @ DF Yoga

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